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Happy to help

Donating is a selfless act. We at Frosteez have acknowledged that a company of our calibre should give back to the community which has made us who we are. We proudly support numerous charities and non-profit organizations across the island of Barbados. These include the YMCA, Variety the Children’s Charity, Precious Touch Foundation, various Children’s Homes and the CIBC Walk For The Cure.

Chefette Fun Run

Now in its 9th Year after taking over from the Ship Inn in 2013, Chefette is the title sponsor of what was previously known as the Ship Inn Fun Run.

This 6 mile Run or Walk event is jampacked with Fun and is held annually to raise funds for The Aunty Olga Needy Children's Fund (managed by Variety the Children’s Charity), The YWCA Breakfast Program (which provides meals for approximately 1,200 kids daily during the school terms) and Precious Touch Foundation (a charity who grants wishes to terminally ill children or children with life threatening illnesses).

To-date, the fund has raised just below $1 Million.

We at Frosteez are committed to being a Gold Sponsor for the 2022 Chefette Fun Run event.


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Investing in our future

Creating equal opportunities, modern societies and bridging borders are just some of the copious benefits of education. For this reason, we at Frosteez find it pertinent to support educational initiatives wherever possible.

Common Entrance Exam

We understand the mental and financial strains of transitioning from the primary to secondary level and we’ve committed in helping out as much as we can. Thus, we gift children of various backgrounds and academic abilities with electronics devices and educational items to help accelerate their academic excellence.  

Frosteez will assist Chefette with honouring six (6) of our outstanding students across the Island. Achievers of the Common Entrance Competition will be presented with a laptop (and sleeve), printer, vouchers and Frosteez Ice Cream promotional Items.


Looking after our surroundings

We’ve created Frosteez with the environment in mind. From the blueprint of the building right down to the end product you receive in hand, we were conscious of the impact our actions will have on the environment.

Water & Waste Management

On site, we have a Wastewater Treatment plant which catches all wastewater, treats it and makes the wastewater reusable. This action significantly reduces the percentage of fresh water used by the plant on a daily basis as the treated water is used for irrigation, bathrooms, etc.

Solar Panels

Our plant is powered by solar panels. By utilizing a green and renewable energy source, this will be more beneficial to the environment as it is cleaner and produces no pollution or greenhouse gas effects.

Eco Friendly Packaging

All of our packaging is made from recycled/natural products and thus are biodegradable. We’ve decided to make this choice as we are firm believers in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Kids can even recycle our packaging and use them for their art and craft packaging.

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